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At Vision Group Executive Advisors, we specialize in turning complex challenges into actionable strategies, helping you navigate the intricate landscape of Polish and EU policies and regulations.

Our mission is to support our clients in delivering groundbreaking solutions that improve lives, while effectively managing their market access, public relations, and stakeholder engagement.


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Public Affairs

Navigating the complex political and regulatory landscape requires a strategic approach. Our public affairs service focuses on:

  • Building and maintaining relationships with key policymakers, regulatory bodies, and stakeholders.
  • Advocating for favorable legislative and regulatory environments.
  • Providing strategic advice to align your business goals with policy developments.

Policy Shaping

Influencing policy requires deep insights and a proactive approach. We specialize in:

  • Analyzing policy trends and identifying opportunities for engagement.
  • Developing and implementing strategies to shape policy discussions and outcomes.
  • Engaging with stakeholders through roundtables, working groups, and direct advocacy to promote policies that support your objectives.

Market Access

Securing market access is critical for success in the life sciences and other regulated sectors. Our services include:

  • Strategic planning to navigate the regulatory and reimbursement landscape.
  • Engagement with payers, HTA bodies, and other decision-makers to demonstrate value.
  • Support in developing and communicating evidence-based arguments for product adoption and coverage.

Medical Advocacy

Strategic collaboration with key stakeholders is crucial to influence public debate. We focus on:

  • Leveraging the expertise and driving awareness in the policymaking process.
  • Building bridges between medical science, patients and public health decisions.
  • Ensuring the voices of patients and healthcare professionals are heard in the policymaking process.

Communication Management

Effective communication is key to building and maintaining a positive reputation. We offer:

  • Strategic communication planning to align your messaging with your business objectives
  • Content creation for various platforms, including press releases, blogs, and social media
  • Building relationships with key journalists and media outlets in your sector

Patient Empowerment

Fostering a healthcare system that is responsive to the needs and preferences of patients, ultimately leading to improved health outcomes and patient satisfaction.

  • Collaborating with patient advocacy groups and utilizing the insights of Key Opinion Leaders
  • Advocating for policies that support patient autonomy and encourage a healthcare environment where patient advocacy groups become a real partner in the policy shaping area.
  • Providing patients with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to make informed decisions and play an active role in systemic debates.

Crisis Management

In times of crisis, a swift and strategic response is essential. We provide:

  • Crisis preparedness planning to identify potential risks and prepare response strategies.
  • Real-time crisis response to manage communications and stakeholder engagement.
  • Post-crisis analysis and reputation management to rebuild and reinforce trust.

Partnership and Collaboration

Vision Group Advisors is your partner in navigating the complexities of the regulatory and policy environment.

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A diverse group of seasoned public affairs professionals, policy experts, and strategic communicators dedicated to delivering results for our clients

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Deep understanding of the life sciences sector and other regulated industries, with a focus on delivering tailored solutions.



Proven track record in shaping policies, securing market access, and driving public affairs initiatives that lead to tangible results.

Regulatory and

Legislative Monitoring

Keeping you ahead with real-time insights into relevant policy developments.



Tailored advice to align your
business objectives with the
political environment.


and Media Relation

Crafting compelling narratives to shape public opinion and stakeholder views.



Building and maintaining strong relationships with key policymakers, industry leaders, and opinion makers.



From strategic planning to crisis management, we offer a full range of services to meet your needs at every stage.


Access to a wide network of policymakers, industry leaders, and stakeholders, enhancing our ability to advocate on your behalf.


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